Monday, June 15, 2015

Recovering workspaces: Eclipse vs Sublime Text

My PC's OS had to be reinstalled recently, so I had to get my IDE in order before starting to work again on  Eclipse has always been pretty easy - both my binary and workspaces were covered by Box Sync, so it took almost no effort.  Once everything was sync'd back, I could simply run Eclipse and point it to the right workspace.

MavensMate on Sublime wasn't nearly as easy.  First I had to reinstall Sublime (3) + MavensMate (4.0.5), which wasn't too bad.  After that I edited MM's setting to use the correct workspace, which got all my projects back.  However, none of them actually worked anymore.  The context menus were just gone.  Not wanting to spend time on figuring out what's wrong, I just went ahead recreate the projects.  No a huge deal, but kinda annoying.

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