Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Biometrics Software is not Working with PGP Desktop

That's the title of a Symantec KB article. It's true.  I got the biometrics software from Broadcom, which is supplied by Dell for their fingerprint reader on Latitude E6230.  Following the instructions here after a system rebuild due to a bad BSOD, I was able to get the biometrics set up and working (seemingly), or so I thought.  Then it broke down.  What happened was, when a fingerprint was scanned correctly, the fingerprint icon just disappeared from the login screen without letting me in.  It's almost hilarious.  So, having a full-disk encryption for now prevents me from using fingerprint as authentication. 

What's worth mentioning is that, before I had the fingerprint setup working, then had full-disk encryption retrofitted in, the fingerprint setup stayed working.  This time around encryption is in first, and they could no longer work together.

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