Monday, November 3, 2008

Dreamforce '08, Monday night

Man, do they know how to party! A gala with open bar, Foo Fighters, and dim sum just can't be too shabby. I actually stayed close to the back of one of the open bars, which really gave me easy access to beers and a place to sit (on the table). It's also a good spot to watch the party goers. Nerds party too, don't they? To be fair, probably fewer than half were true hardcore geeks, but heck, it's fun to stereotype, isn't it? :) I was surprised to see quite a few young female attendees around, proving the point that more than just IT folks were there. Sorry for being stereotypical here, but there really are more females in other fields than in IT, much to the grief (or pride) of male IT nerds. I did try to talk to one of the seemingly alone women but she said she's not by herself. Good luck to her. I hope she's lying only because I looked like a menace or bore. There were also quite a few guys looking lonely but they didn't seem nearly as interesting. ;)

Eventually I got bored, right at the moment that the lady in front of started to halfly take off her jacket and show her scant tanktop underneath. I decide to walk back to hotel. The night was beautiful, mild and clear after a day of raining. San Francisco is also a non-stop city, maybe not as much as NYC, but definitelly vibrant enough, at least to a hillbilly coming from Detroit suburb. I almost forgot how much I'm excited by the city rhythm. Sometimes I even laughed my dear wife's excitement about a metropolitan life. But when I was surrounded by it, I surrendered.

A few dozen people lining up outside of a Sony store to wait for the release of Resistance 2. Heck, I wish I had passion like that. I don't even have Resistance: Fall of Man yet, even I always wanted to. Power to the determined!

I wish I were at home... seriously. Don't need these mixed thoughts right now. But it's probably just a result of too much booze. Suffice to say, this night's drinking covered a lot of categories of alcholic substances. :-)

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