Monday, June 2, 2014

How to register a custom domain for Sites

Just noticed (thanks to Jason and Kara!) that since Winter '14 the setup needed to register a custom domain to use with Sites has changed.  Here's the instructions on the setup page (will show the actual org Id):

A new or renamed domain will be permitted if any of the following criteria is true. Note that 00d7************** is your organization's unique API identifier in lower-case characters.

  • Your domain name is a CNAME record that points to [domain].00d7**************
    • As an example, if you are adding, it must be a CNAME record that points to************** that your domain will need to be a CNAME record for Salesforce to serve your domain.
  • Your domain name has a TXT record that equals 00d7************** with no punctuation.
  • Your domain name is a subdomain of an another domain in your organization.

There's a recipe in the Cookbook that really needs to be updated, but I couldn't even add a comment to suggest that (errored out each time I tried)...


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  2. Hi Not sure if my previous comment will be posted, I was asking about the second point: Your domain name has a TXT record that equals 00d7************** with no punctuation.
    This means that I need to create an empty file (orgID.TXT) ?
    and if yes, where do I need to place this file?

  3. @Fabian not TXT record is one kind DNS record you can add for your target domain. Anyone who manages your domain, be it your domain registrar or IT/server team, should know how to add it. You just need to provide them the exact value for the TXT record, which is the Salesforce org ID in all lower case.