Monday, June 30, 2014

Getting Started with Node.js on Heroku ...

... is not easy on Windows.  This Guide is a good one.  The steps are clear with right amount of details.  I just couldn't get through it on Windows 7.  First I couldn't verify my app with foreman.  I got "Bad file descriptor".  After tinkering with Foreman versions a bit to no avail, I decided to go ahead deploy it, thinking maybe it's just foreman.  That didn't go either.  I just kept getting "Permission denied (publickey)" with git push, even after checking and rechecking I have the keys and they're added to Heroku (key addition notification from it as proof).

So I did anyone reasonable would do under such circumstances.  I switched to Linux.  I was able to have the app running on a dyno within 20 minutes on a Precise (12.04.4), including the time needed to set up a build environment and make the Heroku client - it's a VM I don't usually use to build stuff.  What can I say?  Next year I'm building a Ubuntu laptop (or getting a Mac).

UPDATE: I had a chance to ask Jay Hurst from Salesforce about the troubles on Windows.  He mentioned that the problem with foreman may be related to the fact that the utility is looking for a particular kind of shell.  He suggested trying the bash installed by Git on Windows.  For the key troubles?  "You could have key problems on any platform. "  :-)

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