Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Force.com is the next Visual Basic

Some very interesting musings by Dan Appleman.  I agree with his conclusion to a large extent.  I may not be as old and wise as Dan, but I had my share of dealings with Visual Basic.  Force.com is the most successful embodiment of the spirit "get things done" in the enterprise application arena since Visual Basic.  So many people forget a lot of the times that spirit is more important than anything else.  Of course you strive to do things right and elegantly, but many times you just need to get things done.  How many ventures survive more than one year? Five years? Ten years? 100 years?  It's pretty close to being ridiculous to fret over if you can use a tool to build something that can last for years, when the stuff you're building FOR lasts nowhere near that long.  When VB got laughed at, countless empowered people already started to get things done with it, right then and there.  Eventually the doubters are forgotten.

The exact same thing is now happening with the force.com platform and its community.

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