Friday, January 11, 2013

Adobe Acrobat - page operation pitfalls

Overall Acrobat is a polished tool for handling PDF files, other than being a little bloated (using 9.2 at this moment).  However I have a few pet peeves about it, especially for page action items under the Document menu. 
  • Inserting/replacing pages with forms.  This is pretty common when updating the form page in a big file.  First of all, replacing is usually not a viable operation (would be the best if it were!), because the replaced form almost always has some peculiar issues, particularly with the form fields.  Often times they're out of whack from the intended configuration.  Inserting is less bad, but do keep in mind that form fields will get merged if the document already has some fields with the same names as in the inserted form.  It does remind you that when you try, but provides no option to help you remedy it - locating/listing the duplicate fields or something.
  • Replacing pages with graphics.  I recently had an issue that if I replaced a page with a new page with graphics, the border around some of the pictures mysteriously would disappear.  So I had to remove the old page and insert the new.  Not very convenient. 
Will probably have more to add later...

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