Thursday, October 11, 2012

Validating deployments

The 3 main avenues for deploying changes in - change set, Eclipse IDE, and command-line/batch/script with Ant - all provide an easy option for validating your deployment before they actually get applied.  You can address any potential deployment issues before they happen in the actual run, which is great.  In fact I try to always do that so I'm fully prepared for a successful deployment.  As a reference, the validation option in the 3 tools is as follows:

Ant tool
Add a checkOnly attribute to the deploy action in your build.xml.
<target name="validation">
       <sf:deploy username="..." password="..." serverurl="" deployRoot="staging" checkOnly="true" maxPoll="180" /> 

Use the Validate Deployment button.

Change Set

Use the Validate button for the inbound change sets

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