Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a Field ID for Case (and other objects)

Poll (for the guys):  Do you have a solution in production that uses a field Id in a custom URL to pre-populate page fields?

I suspect the percentage would be pretty high.  It's an easy and effective solution, but, it's a method frowned upon by SFDC (see a SFDC Product Manager, mtbclimber's response to this Idea)

Liked or not by SFDC, I just think people will continue to use it and they will thus feel obliged to support it.  This is my favorite page to get the Field IDs for standard fields (custom fields are much easier - no need for a reference list):
I recently notice the list is missing one field from Case: Account.  Even though it's automatically set when you select the Contact, you can use it independently if needed.  So here's the Id to set it if you desire:
CASE Field Field Type Field ID
Account ID cas4_lkid

Text cas4_lkold

Info for the Parent Campaign field on Campaign.
Field                   Field Type   Field ID
Parent Campaign  ID                 Parent_lkid
                            Text               Parent

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