Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crashing Move Player

This is a follow-up post in a sense, to the one about getting Lucid to work on an old Dell X300.  With the tip provided in the Wiki about re-enabling KMS, I was able to get it running.  However I quickly ran into another problem: the Movie Player (Totem 2.30.2) bombed out when attempting any AVI file.  It's a complete crash, killing X as well as the whole display - I couldn't even get to any console.  Naturally it felt like still the Intel 8xx issue.  So, maybe it's time to come clean.

I read the Wiki again, and it looks like the more complete fix would be either upgrading the Intel driver, or just upgrading the back-ported kernel 3.0.  So I tried the less dramatic one - upgrading the Intel driver.  It's a simple straightforward install (you gotta love Apt!).  Once that's in and rebooted, I saw some improvement, but not enough.  Totem still crashed, but hurting no one else but itself.

Only one thing left to try: the 3.0 kernel.  Another painless apt-get - how could replacing the heart of the OS this easy?  Anyway, once rebooted, all looked well!  Three cheers to the Wiki people.

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