Sunday, December 5, 2010

Getting Input Method to work on Lucid

I installed the Chinese language when installing the OS, but it's not available when I tried to use it. Here are the steps I went through to get it:
  1. Checked "Language Support" under System > Administration. It said "Some languages are not installed completely". So, let it finish as prompted, and verified the languages I wanted are indeed there.
  2. Switch the keyboard input method system to "ibus" in "Language Support". The default was "lo-gtk" for some reason.
  3. Still, no joy when trying "Ctrl-Space". So, checking System > Preferences > IBus Preferences. It said "ibus daemon not started". Let it start as prompted.
  4. There seemed to be no additional input available in IBus Prefs other than English. Added what's needed.
  5. Now Ctrl-Space brought up the Panel icon, but still no input UI.
  6. Just out of curiosity, checked the ibus daemon process and noticed there's a defunct ibus-daemon process. Considering the battle of killing a defunct process, I simply restarted - gasp, bad PC habit! :)
  7. After logging in, rejoice!

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