Friday, August 27, 2010

"Will work for Droid X"

Damn, I was almost going to pimp myself out on the street with a sign like that. That's how hard to get one of those these days. Droid X went on sale since July 15th and I wonder how many have actually got it? I figured it's not a "new" smartphone anymore so it shouldn't be that hard to pick up one. Well, not so fast, Bob. I first put in an order on Amazon Wireless on Aug. 25th, since they priced it $20 below Verizon. Boy was I surprised to see the estimated delivery date: Oct. 8th.

There's no way I can wait that long. So I went to talk to a Verizon store, hoping to get one quickly from the source. The friendly guy there said their shipping date is much closer, but... still at Sep. 10th. Droid 2 and HTC Incredible are definitely in better shape, available the same day.

I guess depending on who you're asking, Verizon/Motorola has either never learned from Apple's lesson, or just taken a page right out of Apple's playbook. In any case, I'm definitely not the only drooling customer out there.

With this piece of empirical evidence, now it's pretty easy to see the strength of the Android platform.

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