Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crippled "Recovery Disc Creation" on HP Mini

HP Mini 210 is really a good netbook: attractive design, broad configuration options, and very capable offering of software, esp. for cloud and data management. However there's one thing that is quite annoying with it: the "Recovery Disc Creation".

It is cheap stingy for HP to not provide a factory recovery disc (Dell provides that by default). So HP includes this Recovery Manger program (by Cyberlink) for you create a set of restore discs. You'll quickly find the option is really a pain to use, because
  • Very slow start. Will take more than 10 minutes for it to be ready to burn the first disc, prob. because it needs to decompress source files.
  • Doesn't take RW discs. Only DVD+/-R is accepted. Why? Did the designer just get teleported from 2003?
  • The long process will restart if disrupted. If unfortunately the program gets interrupted on the way (computer goes into sleep, for instance), you'll always have to restart the very long process from scratch. No resume option at all.
The annoying program is probably not going to be a deal-breaker, but definitely bad enough for me to write this post to vent... :)

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