Monday, November 9, 2009

Live a Ubuntu life

The title is a bit bigger than what I actually mean, but I like it. After all, "ubuntu" means humanity to others, which I definitely set as my life's benchmark. Philosophical discussion aside, this should start a series of postings about my transition into a Ubuntu based computer. It's a fairly drastic change, considering I work in and manage a mostly Windows environment.

So the first question is probably "why?". Well, I want to. I'm not a Microsoft hater, or an open-source purist. I am very practical. I hold multiple MCP certifications, but use open-source whenever applicable. I like the model of open-source, because I think humanity is at its best when we're in a collaborative mode. It's not always easy to make it sustainably workable, but like many good things, you just have to work for it. Also from a tech geek's point of view, using a proprietary only toolset greatly impairs one's ability to learn in-depth. After all a fundamentally blackbox setup is not encouraging for under-the-hood exploration.

A smaller but related "why?" is "why Ubuntu?" Simple: I like it the best. I've tried at least five other well-known distros. This Debian based gem combines the depth and ease of use the best - again, like humanity, the ones you like the best will probably be those with depth while being approachable.

With the "why" questions out of the way, a long series of "how" questions will follow...

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