Monday, March 2, 2009

Drives for Dell EMC AX150i

In my continued effort to tinker with AX150i, I tried a WD5000AACS in an EMC tray. No go. The array say it's not supported. The alert message only says a SATAII is needed. The drive is one of the Caviar Green series from Western Digital. 500 GB 3gb/s. I don't think it's much different from the Barracuda ES 250 GB I got from Dell/EMC. I'm not sure if it's NCQ though. Wondering how the array determines compatibility... itching to reach the conclusion of vendor lock-in conspiracy, but willing to try some others before we go there. :)

UPDATE: I tried a Barracuda ES 500 GB. No dice. Now the conspiracy is completed. They indeed want to lock you in with their expensive drives; or they really don't want you to have an easy and economic way of scaling. Either way, coupled with lack luster support I got so far from them, EMC just slipped to my trash can end of my vendor list.


  1. I think it is a case of vendor lock-in. Long story short the forums over at suggest that FLARE looks for something specific. I have tried using brand, model, and revision identical drives with no success.

  2. Yeah, now I know FLARE is prob. looking for specific firmware and possibly formatting... I think it's possible to replicate those things on a generic drive with appropriate tools, but prob. not worth the effort. Greedy corporations!