Friday, September 19, 2008

Notes on Hardy

Did I already say I love Hardy Heron? No matter, I'll say it again any time. Recently I did 3 upgrades to Hardy, 2 from Dapper, completely painless. One from Breezy, which I had some hard time. But that one mostly is the result of running inside VMWare and the way it was set up (I downloaded as a virtual appliance).

The Hardy running on my old Latitude X300 is great. I finally got the old Intel Wifi chip completely working. Well I shouldn't say "I got", because Hardy just took care of it. It found my network, after entering the key and set up the MAC on my router, it just worked. Great work on Ubuntu's part, for they had to retrofit all those old chipsets out there. I also selected some AA font so it looks great on the LCD. Battery life is very good - with a very old extended battery I have, I got almost 5 hour running time with it, on Wifi.

PPTP VPN is one thing that has a tiny issue. Hardy uses PPTP client with pptp-network-manager but the config info doesn't seem to be in the usual /etc/ppp/peers/ folder. The Network-manager piece probably puts it somewhere else. But there isn't an option for "persist" on the GUI like the pptpconfig used to have. I put in persist in the generic options box but had no idea if it works. Need some tests on it.

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