Friday, March 14, 2008

Virtual machine remake

This old v4 VM has really got old since I had it imported into a VMWare Workstation 6. It's running out of space (6 GB on its WinXP boot partition) and VMW has been bugging me for upgrading its virtual hardware. The problem is that if I tried to upgrade, it gave me this "cannot be upgraded because it has a legacy snapshot". I probably forgot to flush the snapshot before I imported. The searching around for an after-the-fact fix didn't turn up anything useful. So I decided to just hack it myself.

So how did it know it has an old snapshot? Maybe it's in the .vmx file. After viewing it in an editor I found nothing. Maybe it's just those other files lying around in the same directory that prompted the upgrade converter. So I removed everything in the directory except the .vmx, .vmdk, and .nvram file. After restarting VMWare application, it happily took the order to upgrade!

With upgrading done, I set out to solve the space issue. With only a pair of 60 GB disks attached, this laptop running 2 OSes, dozens of big software, and a bunch of media file, is very space challenged. I still have some space on the other disk so I created a split (had to since it's a FAT32 partition) vmdk size 12 GB. I used a Acronis TrueImage Home 10 CD to boot the VM and clone the old vmdk to the new one. It took only 10 minutes or so. After adjusting the disk setting in the VM, it now runs with 6 GB free space on C:. Yeepee!

Last thing to upgrade was the VMWare tools. Once that's done, this VM is truly reborn!

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